Attic Storage Solutions

The Malones, Donaghmede, Dublin


The Malone family live in a small 3 bedroom terraced house which was built in the 70’s . When they called us to take a look at what was possible in their attic, They weren’t very hopeful of achieving much storage space. There was a small hatch in their bathroom which was very difficult to access because the roof rafters were literally right above your head when you lifted the plywood door.

So what we did was; block up the old hatch & make the ceiling ready for painting, cut out a brand new hatch in their landing  (double the original size) & fit a timber folding attic ladder. The next issue was that their water tank was right in the middle of the attic, minimizing the storage space. So, we did away with the old tank and re-directed the pipes under the insulation andover to the gable end wall, where we mounted 2 brand new tanks on metal uni-strut shelving. that way they’re up out of the way & you can even store large boxes underneath them.
Next: we battened the floor out in 2×2 timber to conceal the pipes, insulated between the joists and then screw-fixed 18mm o.s.b flooring onto the battens. Add some light and the Malones now have a fully functioning extra storage room for under 1,600 euro. This attic had barely been accessed since the house was built almost 40 years ago.