Is the insulation in your attic gone flat & lifeless over the years? It’s more than likely fibre glass insulation. Things have moved on alot since fibreglass was used. Earthwool is the most popular insulation with an R-value of 4.5 and a U-value of 0.15.

There are various depths of insulation available ranging between 100-300mm.The studies show that up to 35% of heat is lost through your roof. This figure directly relates to 35% of your heating costs.

So stop your money going out through the roof now!! You can easily reduce this loss of heat and money by insulating your attic with up to 300mm of Earthwool insulation. A return on your investment is instant. We have different insulation packages available to you, from just 550 euros for a 3 bed semi detached house.


There is no such thing as too many storage areas in your home nowadays. Here at Attic Storage Innovations we have figured out a way of maximising the space in your attic.

Regardless of how cramped it is up there between the roof trusses and rafters, there is always room for a few shelves for those Christmas decorations or suitcases. For just 35 euros each (supplied & fitted), our floating shelves will store your belongings without squeezing the insulation below.

Aluminium Sliding Ladders

The advantages of our aluminium sliding  ladders is that they can be used to access your attic in small landing areas & bathrooms where the hatch already exists. In this case, your floor to ceiling measurement doesn’t matter because we have sliding ladders to suit all ceiling heights. These come in 2 & 3 sections (depending on the ceiling height).
So whether you live in a small bungalow, a 3 bed semi or an old georgian house with high ceilings, we have the right ladder to suit your needs! From just €195 we can supply & fit one of these ladders for you. That includes; cutting your existing hatch door (or supplying a new one) & hinging it to the frame, draught ceiling the door & frame, supply & fitting the ladder (with handrail).
Optional extras are an insulated door or one of our custom made attic safety rails. To find out about any of these extras just give us a call & we’ll talk you through it!

Folding Attic Ladders

Are you fed up of hauling that wobbly step ladder out of the garden shed or even worse; using a kitchen chair or the banisters to climb into your attic? Then make life safer & easier on yourself & give us a call to enquire about our folding attic ladders. You don’t have to pay the big name companies up to €850 to fit an attic ladder . . . You’re only paying for the name! We can supply and fit, a top quality folding ladder for just €480.

This includes; increased hatch in your landing or bedroom, non-slip steps, draft excluders, insulated hatch door, a metal handrail, and white architrave surround. The opening size of our hatch is 60cm x 120cm so there is lots of space for those large boxes & suitcases to fit through Unlike other brands, our hatch door comes pre-finished white so you don’t have to paint it. The ladder & frame are solid pine. With one twist of the pole it is easy manageable and our experienced fitters will demonstrate for you just how it works. Optional extras are a second handrail or one of our custom made attic safety rails (as per photo). To find out about any of these extras just give us a call & we’ll talk you through it!


Take the hassle out of rooting around for a torch to search for that old photo album that’s stashed away in your attic. From just €90 we can supply & fit for you a light & switch (powered to the mains).
Our Bronze and Gold packages all include a light & switch supplied & fitted.